Writer’s Workshop

A person sitting on the ground in front of water.It has been my great joy and privilege to have spent the past week at Elizabeth Rosner’s Writer’s Workshop in Matha’s Vineyard.  (Liz is the cool lady in the photo.) Find out more about her workshops, speaking engagements,  and most importantly,  her exciting new novel, Electric City, at her website http://bit.ly/1upN2KC.

My expectations were exceeded.  Liz’s morning talks were  inspiring and packed with practical writing tools.   She is a born writer and a talented teacher who knows instinctively how to balance  discipline with playfulness in writing and respect with challenge in teaching.   The  experience has given me a  better sense of my  “voice,†and has helped me to envision a more workable  path toward  my goals.

Afternoon reading sessions were informative,  encouraging,  contemplative and always surprising. The writers (my “writing buddies)   came from diverse parts of the country and  backgrounds,  had varied writing experiences and aspirations,  and were wonderfully supportive.   Much fun and rowdy laughter always followed the sessions at our incredible gourmet dinners.

The workshop was held in Martha’s Vineyard at the Noepe Center for the Literary Arts, a restful and supportive space for artists of all types, situated conveniently in historic Edgartown.  More about the Noepe Center’s history and services can be found at their website http://noepecenter.org.  It goes without saying that Martha’s Vineyard is an ideal setting for a writing workshop.

So thank all y’all.    Liz, for your outstanding teaching and mentoring,  Justin and Jack  for keeping everything running smoothly,  all my “writing buddies† for your support and encouragement,  and  Chef Nisa, for those incredible dinners!  It was an amazing week.