Follow That Bird

A person sitting on the ground in front of water.

Yesterday, driving home, to my surprise, suddenly a beautiful white heron swept down just in front of my windshield, flew ahead down the busy street for a few miles, then lifted slowly and was gone. It was an incredible experience.  I was nowhere near water, and I guess they do fly into the middle of cites, but it’s certainly a first for me.   At that  time, I was feeling a little lost, and it seemed to be saying, just keep going, follow me.  So I did.

A beautiful reminder of  how important it is to  to take care of and be taken care of nature’s creatures.

2 thoughts on “Follow That Bird

  1. GREAT feeling when you connect or feel at though your communicating with nature.. especially a feathered friend… I’ve had this pleasure on a number of occasions while working out doors.. In order for one to experience this, JUST SLOW DOWN & pay attention… I’ve even had a King snake let me know he’s where abouts by making noise in some leaves.. as if it to say, ‘HEY, I’m still hanging around just so y’all know..” I appreciated this, as these snakes keep with bad ones away, as least that’s what I’ve been told.. and ya know what… I’d not encountered any bad ones as long as the King was around… so it must be true… It’s kept the tigers, lion’s & elephants away also. Haven’t encounter one in our yard ! ; )k

    1. WISH I’d learn to SLOW DOWN and proof READ !!!! GRRRRRR… how to edit your page, M?

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