A black and white boston terrier puppy sitting in the grass.


Who could resist!  I followed him on the breeders’ Facebook Group before he was born and afterwards, anxiously watched him grow through his pictures.    I counted the days until we could pick him up.  And he was even cuter in person than his photos.  SUCH JOY!

But..he. is. a. PUPPY!   He steals our shoes and sox, shreds my favorite books, runs his sister crazy.    Nips at ankles, zooms around the house and is impossible to catch.  He hides under the bed.  He collects magnolia pods, and sticks and dead geckos.  When guests come, he is a maniac.  SUCH ENERGY!

 Somehow I didn’t remember all this with our previous pups.  

I’m told there is now a psychological condition called “Puppy Blues” manifesting when new “pup parents” wonder what they were thinking of.  Remember wistfully peaceful nights watching TV with ankles intact, visiting with friends without struggling with a wriggling, growling puppy.  Thoughts of  returning him to the breeder go through my head, ( but I would be too embarrassed…) Maybe some nice family with other Bostons would want him,…( but I wouldn’t trust them..)

Of course this was only fantasy.  Trying as he is, he’s always been here to stay.  And in the final analysis as any trainer will tell you, it’s never about the dog, always the owner.  It’s just about work.   And puppyhood passes all too quickly.   


2 thoughts on “PUPPY!

  1. The author is absolutely besotten by this adorable puppy as I now am after reading the essay. Yes, he can have all the shoes and sox he wants! And yes I dont mind if he bites…ouch…my ankles. This is a dog to adore and love forever.

  2. Congratulations Louise and Gene on your new family member. And never fear, you are not alone in new puppy issues. One friend had to take her older dog to the vet only to find out the dog was stressed because the new puppy wouldn’t leave him alone. They may need separate rooms for awhile. Enjoy. He looks adorable. Kathy Hawkes-Smith

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