Daily Gratitude: Courtesy

A man and woman walking in the rain with an umbrella.

I am grateful today for common courtesy.  For the neighbor who hand-delivers my mis-directed mail, the people who smile and wave on my morning walk, the servicewoman who rearranges her schedule to accommodate mine, the friend who doesn’t remind me that I forgot her birthday.  

Little things, really, but so important in these trying days of “alternative facts,” unbridled vitriol, and simmering hostilities.   These little acts, always there when I look for them, remind me that at our core, most of us are basically decent, well-meaing and kind.  

Photo credit: Gidy.com

One thought on “Daily Gratitude: Courtesy

  1. It is so wonderful to look at all the small things that are actually great in our lives on a regular basis. It also helps me to think of the ways that I might be the person that smiles at somebody who needs it. Thanks for bringing this to my mind.

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