Daily Gratitude: Friends

A group of children sitting on a bench.

Today I am grateful for friends old and new; for the joy, wisdom and hope they bring to my life.

 For old friends that have supported me through my foibles and follies, laughed, cried and celebrated with me. Loved me at my worst and cheered me at my best.  For new friends who have welcomed and supported me.

Because of the kindness and pervading goodness of friends, I dare to believe that people are inherently decent and kind; that good always triumphs over evil.   That bright rays of the future are even now breaking through the threatening clouds. 

One thought on “Daily Gratitude: Friends

  1. I have known you since I was in my early 20’s so that has been over ! /?”**blank blank years ago! You are still the same loving, understanding, caring friend today as you were then. I am so grateful for having you in my life. My sons are all grown and still ask about you…How’s Monette? How is she doing? Once someone meets you they love and remember you for life. You have never said a mean or critical word to me ever. Not many people I can say that about. I love you and wish we lived closer…altho with the virus all around us, we probably still would not see one another. Isn’t ZOOM great!! Love, Janice

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