About time.

“Nobody sees a flower – really 

      it is so small it takes time –

      we haven’t time –

      and to see takes time,

      like to have a friend takes time.”

                                                                                          Georgia O’Keefe

Not so long ago, time stretched ahead in an endless ribbon winding out of sight to unlimited possibility and opportunity.  There would always be time.  To do more, have more,  be more.  Or ..to change course.  

But the paths were one-way, constantly bifurcating.  With each decision well reasoned or impetuous, other paths and their tributaries were lost to view.   Still, there was more time, surely.  

Then inevitably, imperceptibly, my  path narrowed and led me here.  Now the path ahead is straighter.  There will be fewer opportunities, fewer choices.  Each moment counts.

 It’s time to take time. 








4 thoughts on “About time.

  1. Thank you Louise for directing me to your blog! Ill be back!
    Here are my reflections on how right now is all we really have. If only we had a “time funnel” to collect all the wonder around us into this very moment. I think that’s what prayer is. An openness in faith to matters I cannot but begin to understand. This is a gift. Maybe a Gift with a big G. I like the prophet Isaiah’s term for this gift of the Holy Spirit “wonder and awe”, some translations put it “Holy fear in God’s presence”. St. Augustine calls the Holy Spirit “The quiet guest of our soul”. It takes a certain kind of courage to waste time welcoming this guest throughout our day. What wonders might we come to know? I don’t want to miss anything.

  2. Thank you so much for giving such insight to the true meaning of life. I struggle with change, finding it difficult to face tomorrow.
    Sometimes I miss out on today!

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