Nothing new under the sun

According to the latest Fox News Poll,  a majority of us have concluded that  the world’s “going to hell in a handbasket.  

A person sitting on the ground in front of water. The inference seems to be that we have arrived at an all-time low  in human history.  But before  preparing for Armageddon, perhaps we might consider the  verses below written by King Solomon circa 931 BC.

In that year civil war erupted; the tribes were divided into Israel and Judah, and battles continued for centuries.   Unhappily, struggles  for power and control  seem to be hard-wired into the human condition.   And Fox News is by means the first to suggest our certain downfall.   What’s amazing is that we are still here, in spite of  all the horrors we have inflicted on each other over the years.  Proof that good ultimately triumphs over evil in spite of all the carnage in its wake.  But will there come a day when our spirits  have evolved to match our technology?  And can we then learn not to revisit our tragic mistakes on future generations?

A person sitting on the ground in front of water.

  What has been, that will be;
  what has been done, that will be done.
  Nothing is new under the sun.
 Even the thing of which we say, “See, this is new!â€
has already existed in the ages that preceded us.

There is no remembrance of the men of old;
nor of those to come will there be any remembrance
 among those who come after them.

                                                                                                                 Ecclesiastes 1:9